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Serious About Wanting To Last Longer In Bed?

Premature ejaculation can be cured
Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be ashamed. Up to 75 of premature ejaculators can be cured within an average of 15 weeks.
In fact, the results of treatment for premature ejaculation are now so good that any couple that faces the problem of inadequate ejaculatory control, with rare exceptions, will be enjoying a much more gratifying sex life in just a few months.
Why it took so long to come up with solution for PE?
The cause of premature ejaculation was not completely understood and no one really knew how to treat this condition correctly.
For years, doctors were recommending anesthetic creams which don’t really work. These topical agents are usually safe as long as the patient has no history of allergy to the lidocaine or similar substance present in the cream. They work by desensitizing the penis, that is they dull the sensation on the penis to help delay ejaculation.
But it doesn’t seem right to give up of your enjoyment to increase the duration of an act of making love. The other solution from those days was psychoanalysis which in spite of requiring a great deal of time and money (usually 2-5 office visits a week for a matter of years) proved to be an ineffective therapy for this disorder.

Why is important to last longer in bed?

Just how fast is ‘too soon’? No one can really put an exact time period on what is considered to be inadequate ejaculatory control. Nonetheless, many reputable researchers suggested that if a man lasted lest than two minutes after vaginal penetration, he was premature.
Recent study, in which over 1,200 women were interviewed, showed that as much as 60 of them admitted that they would leave her partner if because of this problem.
This partly confirmed previous studies that reported that on average women need 12-14 minutes to reach an orgasm. Perhaps the most important negative effect of premature ejaculation is the one on man’s self-confidence. The lack of it can seriously damage overall quality of man’s life and his performance in other areas of life. If you feel sexually inadequate that will certainly cause performance anxiety, fear of failure, guilt and ultimately depression.

What is different today?

Until recently, the great majority of men who suffered from premature ejaculation were stuck with their problem for life. Fortunately, sexual medicine has come a long way in the past few years.
The positive and growing trend in mainstream medicine and pharmacy is herbal medicine. With rare exceptions and if applied correctly, herbal medications are safe and do not require prescription. However, as always, if you suffer from any acute medical conditions you should consult your doctor before taking any medication.
Although many of them are not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), some of the most reputable American urologic institutes drew attention to the fact that certain herbal medications designed to deal with premature ejaculation proved to be very effective. In India, Korea and other areas of the Far East has been shown that these medications can help men with premature ejaculation to significantly delay their ejaculatory response.


Until recently, almost every man who wanted to know how to last longer during sex and cure premature ejaculation was burdened with his problem for life. Thanks to the advent of modern sex medicine, the great majority of men can be permanently cured in a matter of months.

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